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The Best Life ONLINE Study

  • Date: April 2 - May 21

The state of our world with the COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetime. People all over the globe are experiencing confusion, disruptions of schedule, financial strain and concern for safety. Many of us are practicing social distancing and quarantine. How on earth could we experience “the best life” in times like these?

Interestingly, the author of Ephesians penned this letter while he was unable to go anywhere. In the midst of prison and isolation, this man was used by God to bring us the Good News of Jesus! Together, we will learn that even in the midst of circumstances that might say otherwise, the Good News of Jesus leads us to the absolute BEST LIFE!

Join us for a weekly gathering of women as we walk through the book of Ephesians in Susan Thomas’ Bible study, The Best Life.

Susan will Livestream her teaching as she leads women to delve into the Bible, lean into the Church and encounter our Mighty God.

In a time in history where public gatherings are prohibited and social distancing is the norm, we will gather together online believing God to meet us right where we are. We can’t wait to experience THE BEST LIFE with you.

Online Study Experience Begins THURSDAY, APRIL 2nd.

In an effort to help during Covid-19, registration is free of charge and includes The Best Life e-book as a gift to you.

The Best Life e-book is included in registration.



Watch every Thursday at 10:00AM via Facebook and Youtube.