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This special message binds us with God’s vision for Keystone Church to “Build this House.” Pastor Brandon discusses how we got here and depicts how what we do must always be a “God thing.”

This series, American Gods, will help us identify the false gods in our lives, empower us to stop kneeling before the wrong altar, and start worshipping the God who alone can satisfy our deepest longings and desires.

Life-Changing Wisdom from Kings & Prophets

Explore the lives of some lesser-known characters in the Bible. Kings & prophets who lived in extraordinary times. We will gain wisdom from their stories that will encourage and impact our daily lives.

At KEYSTONE, we believe in extreme freedom because we’re passionate about life and living it whole in all its fullness. It’s because of who we believe in—and that’s the very Life-giver Himself. Jesus. For it’s through Him we exist and for one reason alone—to build lives on His foundational truths that’ll see people living in the freedom of restored hope and purpose, just as He originally designed. That’s the key to living with a whole lot more than what you’re experiencing now. And we just love that…

Life is full of challenges. Storms are unpredictable. In Christ, you can handle whatever waves bring you.

Join us this summer as pastor Brandon Thomas begins a series of teachings called, “ANCHOR: Stability through any Storm.”

What if it never happens? What if I can’t? These are common questions we all ask.

In our new series, Pastor Brandon Thomas will take us on a journey through scripture to discover real stories that took WHAT IF to WHAT IS!

Don’t miss this life-empowering series because God has a dream for you and it doesn’t have to stay WHAT IF!