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We are the Keystone Family. We are people who answer God’s call to love God, love people, and serve God’s Church. As Jesus served us, we serve others as we lead everyone to experience a passionate life in Christ!

As Servant Leaders, we commit to carrying out our church’s vision and values through clearly defined standards that are specific to the role each Key Team contributes to the overall experience at Keystone.


These videos will show you some of the most important things for you to know as a Servant Leader on our team.

Across our church, we as Servant Leaders have a goal to carry out our church’s mission, vision, and values in ways that are specific to the team we serve on. As the Parking team, we have characteristics that define who we want to be while we serve.

While we serve, our team’s priority is to help traffic enter and exit smoothly, while honoring people and helping them get excited about their experience at Keystone Church. In this video, we’ll talk through some of the characteristics that shape who we want to be while we are serving.

Parking Team Characteristics

To safely and efficiently manage the flow of traffic prior to weekend services, the Parking Team uses unique strategies to park cars as they arrive for services, and for dismissal.

In this video, we’ll talk through some of the general strategies we follow to lead people through the parking lots in the best possible way.

Seating the Auditorium

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