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  • Sunday - 9:00am
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XO Date Night

  • Date: 2022-04-22 18:00:00

Looking for a date night that will help you grow in your marriage?

Join us for the first ever XO Date Night hosted at Keystone Church in Keller, TX! This fun, inspiring, and encouraging event is designed to help you learn from marriage experts and have a great time with your spouse.

Live Speakers

Dave & Ashley Willis

Dave and Ashley Willis reach millions of married couples each month through their blogs, books,  videos, and social media channels. Their podcast and book, The Naked Marriage, undresses the truth about sex, intimacy, and lifelong love.

Brandon & Susan Thomas

Brandon and Susan Thomas are the founders and lead pastors of Keystone Church in Keller, TX. Meeting with a growing team in their home to start, they began an incredible journey that has now come to impact thousands. Their heart’s desire is to lead more people into a passionate relationship with Jesus. They have been married since 1998, and have three daughters and a son.

Nirup Alphonse

Nirup Alphonse is the Lead and Founding Pastor of LIFEGATE, a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural church in Denver, Colorado. As a preacher, he has a unique way of proclaiming God’s Word while weaving in stories, humor, and practical takeaways.

Sean & Lanette Reed

For 12 years, Sean and Lanette Reed have shared their message with thousands of people at marriage conferences, workshops, retreats, and churches. They travel regularly throughout the country on a mission to build families that leave legacies. Their podcast and book, Marriage in Transition, helps couples find connection through times of uncontrollable change and break the cycle of poorly navigated problems in their marriage.


Please Note:

Childcare is not available at this event.
Price is per attendee. Couples will need to purchase two tickets.

Pricing is $50.00/person

If you have any questions pertaining to ticketing, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-380-6330.