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Ryan and Lindsay Calkins were a God-fearing, beautiful couple seemingly living out their dream life.

All of that changed when Lindsay revealed that she’d been desperately trying to hide the fact that her heart had strayed outside of their covenant. The Holy Spirit had begun to bring His conviction, and she knew it was time to bring the truth to light.

Understandably, Ryan’s heart was broken, but so was Lindsay’s. Neither of them knew how they would walk through the grief, broken trust, guilt, and shame in order to put their marriage back together.

With the help of the friends around them, and the powerful grace of our God, Ryan and Lindsay began to walk towards restoration. Forgiveness made its home in their marriage, and God drew their hearts back to the unconditional, never-ending love He’d destined for each of them. He took what the enemy meant for harm, used it for His glory, and now the Calkins’ live their marriage unlocked!



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