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Despair used to make it’s home in Sean’s heart, even though he knew Jesus was there too.

You’ve probably seen Shawn a time or two, his energy and love for music are evident as he spins for our Keystone events. His voice is heard throughout the room as he agrees and encourages speakers from his seat during services. What its taken to get him to this place, however, is a story you might not know.

Despair used to make it’s home in Sean’s heart, even though he knew Jesus was there too. Thoughts of hopelessness and suicide filled his mind so that even Jesus’ voice was like a far-off whisper. Doctors and their drugs couldn’t help, because this wasn’t a physiological issue. IT was a heart issue, and the only treatment that would cure him was the power, love, and truth of his Savior.

When Sean finally stopped and forced himself to listen for the voice of hope, he was reminded of God’s faithfulness to us in any circumstance, triumphant or defeated. That God saw Sean before he was born, had planned a beautiful life for him, and was willing to fight on his behalf to make it happen. He realized that as far gone as he thought he was, he wasn’t far enough that God couldn’t reach him, that he wasn’t so full of darkness that God couldn’t heal him, forgive him, and draw him even closer into a relationship with his Creator.

Allowing God to break the chains that had wrapped around his soul brought incredible hope and freedom to Sean, and now he is a great witness to us, behind those tables, of what it looks like to live a life unlocked!



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