Service Times
  • Saturday - 5:00pm
  • Sunday - 9:00am
  • Sunday - 11:00am

Ticket FAQ


How Do Free Tickets Work For The Christmas Services?

  1. Order up to 10 free tickets below. All adults & children who attend the Christmas service will need a free ticket. If you have small children that will be in childcare, please do not count them in the # of tickets you request.
  2. Print off your free tickets and bring them with you or download the Eventbrite App (

What If I Have Extra Free Tickets I’m Not Using?

Contact our Church office at 817-431-8800 let us know how many extras you have; and this will allow us to release those tickets for others.


What If The Service I Want To Go To Is Sold Out?

Call the church office (817-431-8800) for assistance. Tickets may become available and we can reserve them for you.


Will You Turn Someone Away Without A Ticket?

What if I don’t have a ticket, will you turn me away? NO WAY! If you (or someone you invite) does not have a ticket, we won’t turn anyone away! If this is the case, then why get a ticket at all? Great question. The answer is that tickets help us expand our capacity in a building with limited seats. It spreads out the attendance to all 8 services rather than just 2 popular service times. And it helps us prepare and make sure we can serve everyone in attendance with excellence. At Keystone Church, we are in this together.. That means every individual matters to God and to us! If you are our guest and you arrive without a ticket, we will not turn you away. We will actually go the extra mile to make this place feel like home and find you the best seat possible.


If you have any questions regarding tickets, please email [email protected] or call us at (817) 431-8800.

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