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Because There’s More Than
what You’re Experiencing

At KEYSTONE, we believe in building lives because we’re passionate about life and living it whole in all its fullness. It’s because of who we believe in—and that’s the very Life-giver Himself. Jesus.

Who We Are


What winning looks like

Continuing our series, “Let’s Go,” we look at Israel’s legacy of winning. In Joshua 12, we see the Israelites reflecting on the “one by one” journey God led them to victory over their enemies. This reflection illustrates the power of obedience in our own lives as God leads us into our personal step-by-step journeys of victory over our sin.

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August 14-15

Baptism Celebration

August 14/15   We are throwing baptism parties to celebrate changed lives after every service! Has your life been changed by Jesus? Have you been baptized? Baptism is the very first step a new believer takes when following Jesus. If you would like to be baptized, let us know after which service you would like … Continued

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August 7, 2021 - 9:00 am

Love Others Service Projects

Ever wanted to make a difference in someone’s life? Be just what they needed at just the right time? By being apart of The LOVE OTHERS Community Service Projects, you have the opportunity to do just that…in great ways or small.

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We Grow And Connect

You weren’t designed to walk through life alone. Throughout the highs
and the lows, the journey is always better when you’re connected.


Learn how to connect and build intentional relationships with other Christ-followers and journey through life together.



We believe hope for the NOW Generation is found in a relationship with JESUS, cultivated through creative and relevant experiences.



We’re passionate about creating fun experiences for your child, full of creativity and youthful play within a safe and secure environment.


“Our whole-life journey toward extreme freedom is fueled by a passion for life and our belief in Jesus Christ."

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“Encountering Jesus Christ
changed my life forever.”

Hear the stories of how Christ has transformed lives

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