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At KEYSTONE, we believe in building lives because we’re passionate about life and living it whole in all its fullness. It’s because of who we believe in—and that’s the very Life-giver Himself. Jesus.

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the law of sowing and reaping

This week’s Stronger message is about sowing and reaping. Sow in the kingdom of God! Pastor Brandon Thomas prepares us to trust God with the sacrifice, let go, then trust God with the results.


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In week two, we learned how fear and shame are weapons of the enemy for our soul, but that God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1, verse 7), and trusting the Lord means safety (Proverbs 29, verse 25). We also learned that sin always produces shame, but in Christ, our shame is covered and exchanged for His righteousness. So we don’t have to live covered by shame and crippled by fear. We can be strong women who know they are weak and who run to the One who is strong!


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October 25, 2020 - 12:30 pm

Next Steps

The Next Steps class gets you more connected with the Keystone Church family by connecting you to a group and opportunities to serve. We believe that getting connected to a spiritual family is key to unlocking your life’s potential and finding purpose in God’s mission for your life. Sign up for our Online Next Steps class to … Continued

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We Grow And Connect

You weren’t designed to walk through life alone. Throughout the highs
and the lows, the journey is always better when you’re connected.


Learn how to connect and build intentional relationships with other Christ-followers and journey through life together.



We believe hope for the NOW Generation is found in a relationship with JESUS, cultivated through creative and relevant experiences.



We’re passionate about creating fun experiences for your child, full of creativity and youthful play within a safe and secure environment.


“Our whole-life journey toward extreme freedom is fueled by a passion for life and our belief in Jesus Christ."

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“Encountering Jesus Christ
changed my life forever.”

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